Finally figured it out

Animism seems to be more reasonable than any monotheistic religions I am aware of.

The next time someone is curious about my religious leanings, I going to say I am an animalist. I am looking forward to it.

On an unrelated note: really impressed that Neuromancer, first publishes 1 Jul 1984 (an ominous year)  still holds up.  In fact, _still holds up_ is a poorly used cliche. I mean if it was written today, it would still be relevant. Written over 35 years makes, it will, astounding. Wish I could suss out what completely novel in it vs. themes and threads Gibson just expanded on. I am old enough to remember, but with that age comes a muddling of both time and space which makes it hard to determine what’s new and what’s not.  For example, Blade Runner was released in June 25, 1982, and clearly, a lot of the “atmosphere” in the Sprawl is derivate. IDK. Still a great book.  Would be a cool movie too probably.

What else is new?

I really enjoyed Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari but so far have found his followup Homo Deus derivative to the point of copying wholesale passages from  Sapiens. I am hoping it gets original soon, I will be disappointed. 

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