Or Maybe Not

So a definition of success remains elusive.

Started using Grammarly (pro)  so far I am pretty impressed, of course, I am the only one reading what I proof so who really knows if there are fewer mistakes.


Why can’t the people rise up and end this madness? You could argue It’s All About The Benjamins Baby, and you’d be right, but anyone making that case is exceptionally short-sighted (penny wise, pound foolish, I believe is the correct idiom. )

Haha, google: “penny wise, pound foolish” and see what comes up about startups.

Anyway, I am back in that world again with a vengeance. Although relatively speaking I have been in much worse worlds. However, I am not making restitution for being able to work from home some much in my last gig.

So this entry is just a bit of stream (or perhaps a yelp) of consciousness. Berating myself because I am not more thoughtful and productive here. That can’t be good.

Ok, then.

Until next time.

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