You Would Think

that since I am currently unemployed that I would less excuses for not writing more here.

As it turns, out, I guess, only a few, or perhaps only one excuse is required for not writing more. Oh, wait, perhaps there is just no excuse.  Actually, I think that is correct.

What I need is a routine. A grove to get into. Maybe it will happen once I figure out this gotta work thing.

However, I think a resolution to that maybe coming soon.

What’s news:

In the meantime I have been thoroughly enjoying Circe I didn’t think I would.

I recently finished  The Passage along with the two followup books. I did enjoy them.  Thought the first one was best. First part of the second one also better than the reminder. However,  I think the for TV adoption is just as entertaining which I think says enough about my overall opinion of this content. I think.

Also, I  did some drumming which is fun, but I am rhythmically challenged. Actually rhythmically challenged too kind. It was something like this:

Image result for drumming

Actually, it was this:

and it was fun. I’d am planning on doing it again next time.

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